Two years, five photo shoots, and counting…

It’s hard to believe that almost two years have gone by since I finally made the move to New York (and my brother and Jenn got married!) Time truly flies. And just this past week, The Knot TV posted some of the photo shoots I’ve worked on since I started working there. These projects are really what makes my job all worth it (despite the gray hairs they give me!). So much fun — enjoy!

1) Wedding Style: Modern Ocean Motif

2) Wedding Style: 5 Color Combos (video) or (slideshow)

3) Wedding Style: 4 Hot Trends and Couture Cakes

4) Wedding Style: Precious Metals

5) Wedding Style: Spring Ahead


One Response to “Two years, five photo shoots, and counting…”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    The past two years have flown by!
    You always do such a lovely job on the photo shoots and you know how I feel about your tv segments — you’re hot (even if your job has given you a gray hair or two)! The cake in the precious metals slide show was gorgeous — thanks for sharing!

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