Puerto Rico — aye yo!

Just got back from five days in Puerto Rico where my friend Kira and I were taking a little break so we could gear up for a busy summer (not to mention work on our tans — priorities, priorities). After kicking the weekend off with a champagne tasting at Country in New York (see previous post), we decided to continue our bubbly binge with Jacob’s Creek Sparkling Rosé, a surprisingly refreshing sparkling wine, which flowed freely at our hotel, the El San Juan Hotel & Casino. And of course, there were plenty of enticing, tropical cocktails to be sipped. Here are a few favorites:

1. Pina Caipirinha @ Koco in the El San Juan Hotel & Casino: a traditional caipirinha recipe (muddled lime wedges and sugar with Cachaca) topped off with a splash of pineapple juice
2. Lemongrass Kicker @ Dragonfly in Old San Juan: Absolut Vanil, fresh lemongrass, lime juice, and sugar
3. Red Caribbean @ The Blue Bar, El San Juan Hotel & Casino: Bacardi 151, vodka, Passoa, and pineapple juice


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