…and a bottle of rum

Being a cocktail connoisseur, I just had to hop aboard the ferry in Old San Juan and pay a visit to the Bacardi factory while I was in Puerto Rico. Ya know, Bacardi is one of those rums that, as Americans, I feel we take for granted…always choosing something more “Caribbean” over a States brand. But after my visit to Casa Bacardi, the largest of all the Bacardi factories in the world, I can officially say, there’s no place (or rum) like home. Along the tour — which is free — you’ll view a movie about the company’s history, browse through a gallery of original documents and photographs, and get to sniff various rums. (Hint: if you loose your sense of smell from too much sniffing, simply sniff the back of your hand and you’ll be good to go.) You’ll also get to see old-school Bacardi ads, like the ones shown here, and learn how to make a few rum cocktails. After the tour, and a requisite stop at the gift shop, you’ll get treated to two cocktails compliments of Bacardi! Here’s a recipe using my new favorite rum flavor: Bacardi Peach Red.

Bacardi Peach Red Mojito
1 part Bacardi Peach Red
3 parts club soda
12 mint leaves
½ peach
½ part sugar

Place mint leave, peach, and sugar in a glass and crush well with a pestle. Add Bacardi and top off with club soda. Stir well and garnish with sprigs of mint and a slice of peach.


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