Please don’t tell…

…that I’ve been to PDT. Even though PDT’s cover has been blown, it’s still super cool. While the cocktail world was in New Orleans this week, my friends and I got a reservation at one of New York’s most-talked-about speakeasy-style bars, and let me tell ya — it definitely lived up to the hype. Once we got in (yes, it was tough, even though we did have a reservation) we poured over the cocktail menu as various taxidermy gave us the evil eye. Here’s a look at what we sipped:

Bee’s Sip: A saketini of sorts made with chamomile-infused pisco, junmai sake, and honey liqueur.

Coda: A rum-based concoction made with two types of rum, lime juice, allspice dram, and egg whites (’cause if you’re gonna make the effort to go to a speakeasy, you have to order a cocktail with egg) — this was, by far, the best drink on the menu.

Other cocktails consumed: the Kin Kan (made with St. Germain), the Swiss Mist (mixed with absinthe), a Rhubarbita (you can figure that one out), and a caipirinha-style cocktail I can’t remember the name of…but it was still good.


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