I’m generally not a scotch drinker, but when invited to a tasting for The Macallan I couldn’t resist. If there is one scotch I would not mind sipping it is The Macallan (18-year over ice, please). So last night, I enlisted a couple friends/virgin scotch drinkers to join me at Studio 450 in Manhattan where we were treated to a few slices of manly deliciousness (read: hot waiters) and a quick lesson about this so-called “water of life.” The Macallan brand ambassador, Graeme Russell, gave an informative, yet still very fun, presentation on the history of this Speyside single malt and also led us through a tasting of The Macallan 12-, 15-, 17-, and 18-year. But perhaps the best part of the night was learning how to toast in Scottish. I’ve often seen the word Slainte but never knew how to pronounce. You raise your glass and you go “Slanzh!” or “Slanj!” So much fun. I think I even like it better than salut (just don’t tell my Italian fam that). Oh yeah, the cocktail: if you are new to scotch, try adding a splash of ginger ale to The Macallan 10-year, or try this:

The Highland Honey Julep
2 shots of The Macallan Fine Oak
1 tsp. Scottish heather honey
5 mint leaves
Mint sprig

Warm honey and put it in the glass, add one shot of The Macallan Fine Oak and stir until honey is dissolved, half fill glass with crushed or cracked ice. Add remaining shot of The Macallan Fine Oak and the mint leaves, stir for 15 seconds. Fill glass to the top with crushed or cracked ice and garnish with mint sprig.


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