Pick an Icon, any Icon

Last night I had the pleasure of being invited to a cocktail party at Kiss & Fly to celebrate the fourth season of the critically-acclaimed series Iconoclasts. If you are not familiar, Iconoclasts is an original program presented by Grey Goose Entertainment and the Sundance Channel that teams up today’s leading innovators to share ideas and discuss their creative processes. This season, pairings include architect Cameron Sinclair and Cameron Diaz, along with Venus Williams and Wyclef Jean, who gave an amazing performance at last night’s event. Also in attendance: Clive Davis, Sir Richard Branson, and Tony Hawke — all featured in the fourth season – and hottie du jour, Penn Badgley (swoon).

So you may be wondering: What does this all have to do with Grey Goose and why is she writing about it on Martini Talk? I admit, at first it had me scratching my head, but after I did I little research Goose’s involvement made total sense. You see, Grey Goose Entertainment is a division of Grey Goose vodka that was created in 2005 to innovatively market its product to consumers without actually hitting them over the head with a bottle of L’Poire. Here’s what it says on the website:

GGE main goal is to produce original content for TV, music, and film. Each innovative project reflects the spirit of Grey Goose vodka and celebrates the interests of the consumer.

Iconoclasts was GGE’s first production, and you may be surprised to learn that part of their strategy is to exclude all references to Grey Goose vodka in the episodes. You won’t find any obvious product integration here, but you did see those gorgeous frosted bottles all over the club last night. The event even had its very own Grey Goose signature cocktail, which I’ve left out because this blog has seen one too many L’Poire cocktails.

So, in an attempt to get more people commenting on my blog (I think it’s about time…), I pose this question to you: If you could sit down and talk to anyone – anyone in the world — for one hour, who would it be?

The fourth season of Iconoclasts premieres Oct. 16 on the Sundance Channel. Check your local listings.


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