Diamonds and pearls, Melissa.Diamonds and pearls.

No, I’m not talking about a Prince song. And if you don’t know the dear, sweet Melissa Mariola you won’t get the title of this blog post either. But needless to say, I could not stay away from the juice this weekend, and it was so worth it. I do believe that last night I found the single best cocktail in New York City. I may have said this before, but its going to be pretty tough to top the Diamonds and Pearls martini at the Jade Bar inside the Gramercy Park Hotel. As I said after the first sip: I just want to make out with my drink right now. Here’s the mix: Reyka vodka and Lillet Blanc shaken with freshly muddled blackberries and a touch of coconut. Fair warning: It’s $19 a pop – but worth every penny.


One Response to “Diamonds and pearls, Melissa.Diamonds and pearls.”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    This is a cute site. Keep the NYC “bests” coming…

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