Look for the red lantern…

So apparently, the casinos are now following me. On Thursday, we celebrated my friend Linda’s birthday at Macao, an unmarked bar off Canal Street named after the Monte Carlo of the Orient. The vibe inside is one-part Little Branch, one-part Pegu Club, and a dash of Stanton Social.

Oh, and the cocktails are ridiculous. We sampled just about all of them and there was only one that I didn’t like – though everyone else loved it, so I won’t throw shade here. Sip for yourself:

Arrack Fizz: Batavia Arrack (a white rice and sugar cane spirit from the West Indies) shaken with mandarin blossom water, homemade hibiscus cordial, pineapple juice, and an egg white, served tall.

Drunken Dragon’s Milk: Charbay Green Tea Vodka shaken with young coconut puree, thai basil, and Macao Five-Spice Bitters, served tall.

Bashful Maiden: Hendrick’s Gin shaken with St. Germain elderflower liqueur, Velvet Falernum (a rum-based lime cordial), lemon juice and pureed striped lemon, served straight up.

Dr. Funk: Mekhong Thai Rum served tall with homemade grenadine, ginger beer, dressed with fresh fruits and mint and topped with a drizzle of absinthe.

Blood Peach Bellini: Pureed blood peaches and a dash of Campari gently stirred with Zardetto Prosecco.

Yellow Fever: Rittenhouse Rye, Benedictine, lemon juice and egg white, shaken and layered over Cherry Herring.

Kaffir Jimlet: Kaffir lime-infused Plymouth Gin mixed with lime juice and agave nectar, served straight up.


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