Two Words: Coconut Vodka

If I didn’t have a drinking problem already, I may definitely start to form a habit now that I’ve discovered Pearl Coconut Vodka. Coconut vodka. Not coconut rum. Coconut VODKA. Am I the only one who didn’t know this existed? It’s quite possible considering I’m late to everything in my life, including the Twilight train, but I digress ….

Back to coconut vodka. So apparently Van Gogh makes one, and so does Burnett’s – just in case you were interested. I’m sure they are lovely, but I can already tell that I’ll be a sucker for the super-premium Pearl. Where can you try it, you ask? Sushi Samba NYC 7. I have to say, I’m not a fan of the sushi, but this place has awesome cocktails, including the Tropicalla, made with Pearl Coconut Vodka, amaretto, muddle raspberries, and a coconut rim. So luscious I had two, and then I got a Hangover … with Bradley Cooper, that is. Go see it if you haven’t already, it’s pee-your-pants funny.


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