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Movie Stars, Green Fairies, and more…

November 29, 2008

So I’m in LA for the weekend. Everyone who knows me knows I’m not a big fan, but maybe it’s because I just haven’t found the right cocktail bar — until last night. We went downtown to The Edison, a renovated power plant that looks like you’ve just stepped into Baz Lurhmann’s Moulin Rouge. I was waiting for Nicole Kidman to come down from the ceiling, but instead, we saw girls dressed up as green fairies wheeling around absinthe carts. I still haven’t tried Absinthe, the drink with the kryptonite glow. After writing about it’s hallucinegenic effects in Wine Spirits Quarterly, I’m a little bit of a scared-y cat, even though the new recipe has been tweaked to be less harmful. Still, I settled for the bar’s signature sip:

The Edison
Lavender-Honey infused Woodford Reserve Bourbon
Pear liqueur
Fresh pear juice

I have to say, with this drink, I think I’m over the whole pear craze. It’s become a little too sweet for me and its time for a new favorite flavor. Stay tuned…


Vanilla … … baby

September 18, 2008

Sorry! But the song has been in my head ever since I left The Navan Orchid Studio earlier this evening. Vanilla is — by far — my favorite scent and flavor, so you can imagine how excited I was to be invited to The Navan Orchid Studio where I was introduced to the many ways the vanilla orchid can be used, in everything from food to flowers — and of course, cocktails! The spotlight was definitely on Grand Marnier’s Navan, a liqueur blended with cognac and natural vanilla. Here’s the back story: The rare vanilla orchid blooms for only one day in Madagascar and it has to be hand-pollinated to produce a single vanilla bean. From that bean we get the smooth, sophisticated spice we all know as vanilla. In honor of this intense harvest season, Navan called upon NYC mixologist Aisha Sharpe to mix up some innovative sips:

The NAVAN Orchid Martini
1/2 oz. Navan
1 oz. Belvedere vodka
1/2 oz. simple syrup
3/4 oz. fresh lemon juice
Moet & Chandon Imperial
Garnish: white orchid

In a mixing glass combine all ingredients except the champagne, add ice, shake and strain into a chilled martini glass. Top with champagne.

Madagascar Sour
1/2 oz. tamarind syrup
1/2 oz. Navan
1 1/2 oz. bourbon
1 oz. club soda
Garnish: 3 brandied cherries on a pick

In a mixing glass add all ingredients except the soda, add ice, shake and strain over fresh ice into a rocks glass, add soda and garnish.

*Want more? try splashing some Navan over a bowl of Breyer’s Vanilla Bean ice cream for an indulgent sensory overload.

Down-home goodness

August 17, 2008

Wow, lots of cocktails that need to be blogged about so I will keep this brief. The week started out at the new barbecue joint Hill Country, which was so good it made me feel a little homesick. See, I’m from Philly, but my Granny is from the South (Stanardsville, VA to be exact) and holiday meals where filled with green bean casserole, cornbread, sweet potato mash, mac-n-cheese and deviled eggs. All very fattening and all very good. And that is just what you’ll find at Hill Country. But my favorite was what I washed it all down with. This was SO good:

Texas Nectar
Courtesy of Hill Country
2 oz. Maker’s Mark
1 oz. Southern Comfort
Orange juice
Splash of almond extract

Pour Maker’s Mark and SoCo in a highball glass over ice. Fill to the top with OJ. Top off with a splash of almond extract.