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Must. Have. Tao.

July 14, 2009

OK, so I’m here in Vegas (4th time this year) and during my requisite stop at Tao (this restaurant should seriously pay me to eat here…), I decided to try the signature sip: The Tao-tini. Of course, it was amazing, just like the joint’s delicious lobster wontons. Here are the ingredients.

The Tao-tini

Absolut Mandarin
Stoli Razberi
Malibu Rum
Cranberry Juice
Fresh lime Juice

PS: Really sorry I have not been posting…an no, sadly, I wasn’t even at Tales. I’ve recently moved and became an aunt, so life has been a little hectic — but there has been no shortage of cocktails to celebrate these new life events. Watch this space for more Martini Talk soon — promise!


Happy Holidays!

December 23, 2008

Looking for a last-minute holiday signature cocktail? How about mixin’ up a batch of coquitos. Also know as Puerto Rican egg nog, this creamy, coconut sip is insanely delicious and packs a big punch, which we all know is very much needed when a lot of time with the fam is on tap. One sip, and you’ll be singing Mele Kalikimaka in no time (even though that’s Hawaiian…).

Courtesy of The Food Network
1 (12 oz.) can evaporated milk
1 (14 oz.) can condensed milk
2 egg yolks
2 cups fresh coconut milk or 1 (15 oz.) can coconut milk
Pinch salt
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
1 cup Bacardi white rum

Place all ingredients in a blender and process for 3 minutes at high speed until frothy. Store in a glass container in the refrigerator and serve chilled, dusted with a little cinnamon.

If I get stuck in Chicago….

December 19, 2008

Right not I’m in Kansas City on business, waiting to hop a plane to Chicago. There’s a good chance I’ll get stuck there since one of my flights today has already been canceled, and its major snowin’ in NY. But if that happens, I’m not worried. It’ll give be an excuse to finally go tiki!

There has been a lot of tiki talk lately on cocktail blogs and magazines. I’ve been meaning to get some tiki drinks up on Martini Talk, but haven’t had time to check out a real tiki bar myself. So if I get stuck in Chi-Town, it’s Mai Tai’s for me in at new outpost of Trader Vics. Otherwise, I promise to get some tasty recipes from New York up here soon. Stay tuned…

The Original Mai Tai Recipe
Courtesy of The Food Network
1 1/2 oz. Myers’s Plantation Rum
1 oz. Cuban Rum
3/4 oz. fresh lime juice
1 oz. fresh grapefruit juice
1/4 Falernum*
1/2 oz. Cointreau
2 dashes Angostura bitters
1 dash Pernod
1 cup cracked ice
Slice squeezed lime, for garnish
Pineapple spear, for garnish
Mint sprig, for garnish
*Falernum is a lime/ginger based syrup and can be found in some large liquor stores.

Pour all the liquids into a cocktail shaker. Fill it with ice and shake for about 30 seconds. Pour it all into a 16-ounce double old-fashioned glass. Garnish with lime slice, pineapple, and mint sprig.

Copa Cubana

October 27, 2008

In 1492, Christopher Columbus not only discovered America, he discovered Cuba too — 516 years ago today to be exact. To celebrate, Matusalem rum suggests raising a glass of Cuba’s namesake sip.

The Ultimate Cuba Libre
2 oz. Matusalem Gran Reserva Rum
Cola, ice cold
Wedge of Lime

Half fill a chilled highball or Collins glass with ice cubes, add rum and fill with cold cola. Stir gently and squeeze the lime wedge over drink and drop into glass.

Shameless plug…whatever

July 26, 2008

If you are a bride (or groom)-to-be who wants to introduce their wedding party to one another over a few cocktails, check out the Fall/Winter 2008 issue of The Knot Magazine (yes, I’m an editor there). Courtesy of Slurp! Drinks and Light Fare, All Day, All Night, you’ll find classic sips, from the chic Bellini to the kitschy Singapore Sling. Here’s a preview:

The Casablanca
Courtesy of Slurp!
3 oz. pineapple juice
1 oz. coconut milk
1 oz. rum
1/4 oz. grenadine
ice cubes
1 slice of lime, for garnish
1 slice of pineapple, for garnish

Place all ingredients except for the lime and pineapple slices in a shaker and shake well. Pour into a tall glass and garnish with slices of lime and pineapple.

Mixology Monday: Milk Punch

July 21, 2008

While I don’t like my martinis with milk, a drink on the rocks is just fine. My all time favorite cocktail is a good white russian (skim milk, please, and Starbucks Coffee liqueur). So for my first Mixology Monday I chose to make Milk Punch — New Orleans’ requisite pre-noon sip. Inspired by a recipe found in Cocktail: The Drinks Bible for the 21st Century (Viking, 1998), I made my Milk Punch with vanilla rum and skim milk, of course. Disclaimer: Instead of bourbon, I also used Jack Daniel’s — it was all that was available in mini bottles at my corner liquor store, and it was too hot to walk to the other one to find Maker’s Mark. Despite this, I still think it turned out pretty good.

Milk Punch
2 oz. Jack Daniel’s
2 oz. skim milk
1 tsp. simple syrup
Splash of Brinley Gold Vanilla Rum

Combine liquids in a shaker with ice. Strain into a highball glass over ice. Dust with nutmeg.

…and a bottle of rum

June 14, 2008

Being a cocktail connoisseur, I just had to hop aboard the ferry in Old San Juan and pay a visit to the Bacardi factory while I was in Puerto Rico. Ya know, Bacardi is one of those rums that, as Americans, I feel we take for granted…always choosing something more “Caribbean” over a States brand. But after my visit to Casa Bacardi, the largest of all the Bacardi factories in the world, I can officially say, there’s no place (or rum) like home. Along the tour — which is free — you’ll view a movie about the company’s history, browse through a gallery of original documents and photographs, and get to sniff various rums. (Hint: if you loose your sense of smell from too much sniffing, simply sniff the back of your hand and you’ll be good to go.) You’ll also get to see old-school Bacardi ads, like the ones shown here, and learn how to make a few rum cocktails. After the tour, and a requisite stop at the gift shop, you’ll get treated to two cocktails compliments of Bacardi! Here’s a recipe using my new favorite rum flavor: Bacardi Peach Red.

Bacardi Peach Red Mojito
1 part Bacardi Peach Red
3 parts club soda
12 mint leaves
½ peach
½ part sugar

Place mint leave, peach, and sugar in a glass and crush well with a pestle. Add Bacardi and top off with club soda. Stir well and garnish with sprigs of mint and a slice of peach.

Christmas Cosmos and mistletoe…

December 16, 2007

Just 10 days until Xmas and I think I am finally in the holiday spirit. It took me awhile this year, but the holiday parties are now in full swing and that means plenty of holiday-inspired cocktails to sip. Here are a few of my favorites.

Christmas Cosmo
Courtesy of
1 1/2 oz. rosemary-infused vodka
1/2 oz. triple sec
1 oz. cranberry juice
1 inch rosemary sprigs, for garnish
Cranberries, for garnish

To make the rosemary-infused vodka, coarsely chop 1 bunch of rosemary and put it in a fifth of vodka overnight and then strain out the rosemary. To make the drink, shake all the liquids in a cocktail shaker and then strain into a martini glass. Garnish with 1 cranberry and a little sprig of rosemary.

Sugar Plum Fairy
Courtesy of Stirrings
2 oz. Stirrings Sugar Plum Martini
1 oz. Ciroc Vodka
Splash sparkling wine or dry Champagne

In a champagne flute, top Sugar Plum Martini and vodka with sparkling wine or Champagne.

Eggnog Martini
Courtesy of Stirrings
2 oz. Stirrings Egg Nog
1.5 oz. Captain Morgan Spiced Rum
Stirrings Egg Nog Rimmer Garnish

Shake with ice and serve straight up in a Stirrings Egg Nog rimmed glass.

It’s the martini talking…

September 23, 2007

This past Friday night I met a friend for a drink after work at one of the most fabulous places in New York: Flat Iron Lounge — very old school, very Art Deco, very Frank Sinatra. A colleague recently told me that this place serves the most fantastic cocktails in the city, and it did not dissappoint (thank you Mr. Victor Thompson). My martini was a lovely sensation of vodka infused with pearls of jasmine and white peach and garnished with the prettiest orchid…hello, deliciousness! Of course I had two 😉 The recipes, of course, are a secret, but I thought I’d share two fall-inspired cocktails to kick off the season (and to tide you over until the 4th Annual Martini Talk). Cheers!

Gingered Pear
Courtesy of Stirrings
3 oz. Stirrings Pear Martini Mixer
2 oz. Captain Morgan Spiced Rum
1 oz. Stirrings Ginger Ale
Stirrings Spiced Apple Rimmer Garnish
Slice of fresh ginger

Build in an iced highball with Stirrings Spiced Apple Rimmer and a slice of pear, short shake, and top with Stirrings Ginger Ale.

Pomegranate Mimosa
Courtesy of POM Wonderful
1/2 oz. POM Wonderful® 100% Pomegranate Juice
1 glass of dry champagne
1/2 oz. Cointreau®

Pour champagne into a champagne flute. Add pomegranate juice and float the Cointreau on top.

A little martini talk:
“There is something about a martini,
A tingle remarkably pleasant:
A yellow, mellow martini:
I wish I had one at present.”
— Ogden Nash

“I love to drink martinis,
Two at the very most.
Three I’m under the table.
Four I’m under the host!”
— Dorothy Parker